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Personal PHP Support When You Need It

Support When You Need It

We've all been there - having a question, but not sure who to turn to. Forums, mailing lists, meetups... they're all great, but they can't always get you an answer when you need it.

PHP Helpdesk can.

Choose the plan you want, and have a response within 2 business hours.

PHP and Web Expertise

I've been working with PHP since 1996, have built systems ranging from basic forms processing, media streaming and community membership sites all the way up to ecommerce systems handling hundreds of millions of dollars.

I've taught PHP to hundreds of students, both as an instructor for Zend and directly with companies such as Gannett, Eli Lilly and more, and hold Zend's PHP Certification.

What You Get

I've got 3 monthly support plans, and each involve you getting direct one on one support, either via email, phone or Skype (mostly depending on our schedules and the type of issue). The primary difference in the plans is how quickly you need to get ahold of me.

$99/month - you'll get a response within one business day

$299/month - you'll get a response within 4 hours (usually less), on business days

$499/month - you'll get a response within 2 hours on business days

"Response" is what it says - a response, not necessarily a resolution. And the 'within X hours' is "within X hours of receiving the request", and I don't receive stuff 24/7 (yet!). There are some regular business hours that apply.

How does this work?

Simple, really. Subscribe via paypal below, and you'll get contact details from me about how we'll proceed. When you've got a question/issue you're stumped on, loop me in.

I prefer an initial email with as much detail as possible. In cases where you can get me access to a test (or production) server, that's appreciated. Access to source code (preferable via bitbucket or github) is appreciated too - it makes things go a lot more smoothly. If you need an NDA signed to get access to your machines, send it over and we'll get that taken care of.

What if you can't fix my problem?

I can hear you asking now. Well... there may be times I can't solve things exactly as you anticipated, but you have a resolution, and perhaps even learned something about how to deal with your problem. You can cancel any time, and I'll happily refund the current month's charge; you will not be billed in the future.

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